Dear Chapter members,

Thank you to all who sent their students to our event at Ithaca.

We are very appreciative of our Ithaca colleagues for the coordination of this wonderful event in their beautiful facilities… and for Dr Stominger’s talk on vocal health.

I am also personally appreciative of those of you that wrote to thank Rob Strauss for his coordination of the event.

This is no small task and yes, there are always things that go awry but coordinating 180 singers and 36 teachers and this event is no small feat .

We do our best and appreciate those supportive emails.

We continue to especially welcome our teachers who have private studios – we have been  hearing some wonderful new high school singers from these new members.

I also hope that our new policy to not put scores on feedback sheets promotes a good opportunity for students to really take their comments to heart .

Singers are far more than a “number “and they can be proud of the performances they gave as you discuss their progress with them.

I would also like to remind you that the Regional NATS event takes place March 15-17th at Nazareth College coordinated by Dr. Katie Hannigan Tabor and Dr. Mario Martinez. We will be able to see their beautiful new facility.

Wishing you all a wonderful end of the semester, great holidays.

On behalf of our board, all the best

Kathryn Cowdrick


Kathryn Cowdrick

Professor of Voice

Speech Pathologist CCC -SLP

Eastman School of Music

26 Gibbs Street