Executive Board Meeting Minutes 2019

Board Meeting August 5, 2019

1. Treasurer’s report from Ivy

    a. Balance is $4573.01

    b. There are no new chapter members on the NATS sheets for our chapter at this time.

2. Website updates and issues that might need discussion

3.. Auditions event issues

    a. New way to sign up for the October event

        1. Many will be familiar with online requirements from the Eastern Regionals this spring

        2. Rob Strauss will send more information to all the members and Kathryn Cowdrick will send update in her August news letter and attach category description and new requirements outline that describes procedures

    b. any concerns that arose from the event last year?

        1. Request for a middle school 11- 14yr category from members who have private studios

        2. Request for an adult music theater category

    c. Any help that Fredonia may need for the upcoming year

    d. Based on membership voting the final recital will stay the same. This way we can have two rounds of comment sheets for participants.

    e. Any pianist concerns/needs/challenges for Fredonia site?

4. 2019 Membership Retention and Recruitment Report-1 copy.pdf> discussion

5. Classes and Outreach ideas

    a. Last year we had a doctor present Vocal Health lecture. Not strongly attended by students during lunch hour but worth another try

    b. Creating of 2 or 3 classes students can attend with different lecture or class topics. Class to be about 25-30 minutes

    c. Creation of support for membership : mentoring, topics for those in academics, time to network etc. This event could be held over the January break

6. Announcement of upcoming dates for NATSAA and Eastern Regional at Westminster Choir College

7. Reinforcement re; a members question that emails of chapter members may not be shared with others except for NATS events.