Executive Board Meeting Minutes 08/25/2015

Meeting minutes for Executive Board Meeting


August 25th, 2015: 2:42-4:35pm at D. Montgomery’s house in Ithaca, NY


Present (8): D. Montgomery, M. Martinez, J. Kay, I Walz, R. Strauss (via Skype during the beginning of the meeting), D. Massell (via Skype), K. Cowdrick, and H. Bewlay



  • Financial and Membership Report-Kathleen Miller’s report: Kathleen was not present at the meeting, so D. Montgomery presented Kathleen’s report. I (Holly) need to still receive the attachment Kathleen sent to D. Montgomery.

Kathleen Miller emailed financial report: $3609

(fall tuition fees, spring workshop)


  • Adjustments to by-laws to reflect combining of treasurer and membership coordinator: Ivy Walz is nominated and the members will vote online. D. Montgomery will send an email out about this election.
  • Other additions/deletions: in the future do we need to have president elect or vice president or both?


  • Who has the template of the by-laws? Angela?:

Template of the by laws-get it from Angela

Should our Past President on the board? Update by laws-D. Montgomery will do this and she will email me (Holly).



  • Website Update-Holly

How can we use the website to advertise events?:

The website is not working. Contact David Whitlock to fix this problem. He needs to get paid. The board approves the fee of $150. Holly will contact David and ask him to go ahead and fix the website to work. Kathleen would have to help Holly to pay David. Kathleen Miller will have to write a check for $150.



  • McIver Certification: table it until Oct 23rd business meeting

Dan Ihaz, and Mario Martinez will prepare and lead in this discussion during Oct 23rd meeting.



  • New Audition Guideline Discussion: Rob Strauss on Skype.

Put two logos on website (Holly will do this)


high school students: change to 3 pieces: page 6


page 9: scoring (70-100): don’t share the score at the preliminary



teachers can share the rubric


judges meeting: share rubric and schedule for a slightly longer meeting (Robert Strauss and Mario Martinez will schedule this)


Do not attached the rubric to the grid (score):

send the email to the students the rubric once they sign up with their schedule (each teachers will do this or Robert Strauss can do this)


Copyright: only scores not tablets are allowed.

proof of the purchases are needed for all photocopied music: This pertains to CD Sheetmusic, Classical Vocal Reprints downloads, and all other legal digital rep sites. Bring the physical score and play from that

If you do not follow copyright law: Do not speak to the students about it during the audition: Don’t stop the singer from singing in the audition: Don’t advance them to the next round.


MT: Transposition will be allowed as long as it is published.

Gender: male songs should be sung by a male, and female songs should be sung by a female: according to each show.



10 accompanists max.

: Rob Strauss suggests 8 for our numbers.




Local coordinator(Mario Martinez): will provide page turners

for the 8 rooms.



  • Transfer of Officers-Holly, Ivy, Kathryn and Jennifer


Holly Bewlay, secretary

Ivy Walz: treasure and membership coordinator (nominated and needs to go through an election)

Kathryn Cowdrick: president

Jennifer Kay: president elect (nominated and needs to go through an election)

Vice President: Deborah Massell



New treasure: Ivy Waltz

Transfers (Jennifer will do this with Ivy)


Vote for CNYFL (election in September): two people: treasure/membership, and president elect


New titles for everyone (list it on website)-update this (Holly)



  • Future Student Audition Sites

2015 :Naz

2016: SUNY-Oswego-2016-Todd Graber

2017: Ithaca College or Syracuse-2017-Montgomery, Kathleen Roeland, Juliana S.

Crane School of Music-2018

(K. Cowdrick will contact Syracuse and then check with Fredonia if needed)


2018 Crane

2019 Fredonia



Miscellaneous Items:

March 11-12 Regional

Matt Edwards (visiting Potsdam)



  • Workshops:


Last one was Erie 2014.


During the competition


1-2pm workshop (talk)

how to audition, vocal health, headshots, business of the singing, movement, managing yourself as a singer, resume


2pm on (masterclass)

singing master class will be tiring

the ones who don’t go on can be in the masterclass.

We need to find a pianist.


4pm-5pm (masterclass, or talk)

who should sing? Mock audition (SMA), interactive workshop, “dress”


try one 1-2pm (consulting) or 4-5pm and then try next time.


Final decision:

4pm-4:50pm (Rob can give us an exact time) for the workshop

Panel Discussion (3 panelists): 3 subjects, 15 min each and 5 min for Q and A



  1. Audition Dos and Don’ts-D. Massell (wants to be a backup if there aren’t any panelists)
  2. Business of Singing-Katie Hanegene(spelling?) (Mario will ask her)
  3. Vocal Health-Katie Cowdrick


Mario will let Rob know who the panalists are: Mario will coordinate this instead of D. Massell.



Workshop (spring):


April 12th? From 2014


Panels: 1/16/15 (or sometime in January. Check Robert White’s schedule)


: members: mentorship: outside of our chapter (Robert White Jr.) depending on his schedule: ask his fee first: 2.5 hours x 2: D. Massell will coordinate this. She will email me about Robert White’s availabilities.