Executive Board Meeting Agenda 08/25/2015

Agenda Items for Executive Board Meeting, 08/25/15


Financial and Membership Report-Kathleen


Adjustments to by-laws to reflect combining of treasurer and membership coordinator

Other additions/deletions?

Who has the template of the by-laws? Angela?


Website Update-Holly

How can we use the website to advertise events?


McIver Certification????


New Audition Guideline Discussion


Transfer of Officers-Holly, Ivy, Kathryn and Jennifer


Future Student Audition Sites

SUNY-Oswego-2016-Todd Graber

Ithaca College or Syracuse-2017-Montgomery, Kathleen Roeland, Juliana S.

Crane School of Music-2018


Miscellaneous Itemss



March 11-12 Regional

Matt Edwards (visiting Potsdam)