Chapter BYLAWS




These Bylaws were adopted

May 17, 1995

(Revised and approved by Chapter’s membership October 23, 2009)

(Revised on June 21, 2011 and again on October 24, 2015)

Article I

The name of the organization shall be “Central New York Finger Lakes Chapter of the National Association of

Teachers of Singing, Inc., hereafter called CNYFL/NATS.

Article II

CNYFL/NATS is 100% affiliated with the National Association of Teachers of Singing, Inc., and the New York

State National Association of Teachers of Singing, Inc.

Article III

The purpose of the Central New York-Finger Lakes Chapter of the National Association of Teachers of Singing

(CNYFL-NATS) is to encourage the highest standards of vocal artistry and excellence in both performance and

teaching throughout Northern, Central and Western New York State. We actively strive to promote vocal

education, expressive artistry and research at all levels. We provide opportunities for both the enrichment of the

general public and for the professional advancement of our membership. From teacher to student, from

colleague to colleague, we continue to foster a culture of learning throughout our region.

Article IV

The fiscal year of the organization shall begin on February 1 and end on January 31.

Article V

Any member of NATS may become a member of CNYFL/NATS upon payment of the annual membership

dues. The amount of the annual dues shall be established at the annual meeting. Deadline to pay dues, become

a member, and enter students in auditions will be October 1.

Article VI

An annual meeting of CNYFL/NATS shall be held at such time and place, as the Executive Board shall

designate for the purpose of electing the Officers/Executive Board members and conducting the business and

affairs of CNYFL/NATS. Each member of CNYFL/NATS shall have one vote and all voting members in

attendance shall constitute a quorum. Notification of all meetings and the business of the chapter will be

disseminated electronically. If necessary, the Executive Board and the membership of CNYFL/NATS may

transact business by use of an electronic ballot.

Article VII

The president may call a special meeting of the membership to be held at a location and time specified in the

notice at the President’s discretion, or upon the request of three or more members of the Executive Board or

10% or more of the members of the organization. Only business specified in the notice may be transacted at a

special meeting of the membership.

Article VIII

The officers of CNYFL/NATS shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer/Membership

Coordinator, Auditions Coordinator and such other officers, as the Executive Board may deem necessary or

advisable. The Executive Board shall consist of officers and the immediate past president.

Members of the Executive Board shall not receive salaries for their services, but by resolution of the members

may be reimbursed for necessary expenditures for the organization.

Section 1. Officers shall be elected by majority vote of the membership. The Executive Board is required to

present a slate of officers at the annual meeting. Nominations may also be made from the floor at the annual


Section 2. President and Vice President shall be elected for a term of two years commencing immediately

following their election, and shall serve for no more than two consecutive terms. There are no term limits for

the other offices.

Section 3. Any vacancy occurring in any office shall be filled by the majority vote of the Executive Board until

the next annual meeting of the membership.

Section 4. Any Officer may be removed at any time by majority vote of the entire membership.

Section 5. Duties of Officers:

a. President:

The President shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Board and of the

membership. Subject to the authority of the Executive Board, the President shall have general

charge of the business of CNYFL/NATS. In addition, take charge of membership and recruiting.

b. Vice-President:

In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall preside at meetings of the

Executive Board and of the membership, and shall perform such other duties as may be specifically

assigned by the president or the Executive Board. In addition, coordinate workshops.

c. Secretary:

The Secretary shall prepare and keep minutes of all meetings of the Executive Board and

of the membership; shall serve as custodian of CNYFL/NATS’s records; shall see that proper

meeting notices are disseminated to each Executive Board member and to the membership; shall be

the facilitator of the website; shall annually report names and full addresses of officers to the

regional governor and the NATS Executive Director; and shall perform such other duties as may be

specifically assigned by the Executive Board.

d. Treasurer/Membership Coordinator:

The Treasurer shall have charge and custody of all funds of

CNYFL/NATS; shall deposit the funds as directed by the Executive Board; shall keep and maintain

accurate and complete books and records of accounts of CNYFL/NATS; and shall perform such

other duties as may be specifically assigned by the Executive Board. Duties also include being in

charge of membership record keeping. This position will remain in close contact with the Eastern

regional governor, the district governor and the CNYFL/NATS President.

e. Auditions Chair:

Shall prepare and coordinate the scheduling of student auditions, tabulate scoring

and prepare certificates for winners; and shall perform such other duties as may be specifically

assigned by the Executive Board.

f. Other officers:

Other officers may be elected by the Executive Board to exercise such powers and

perform such duties as may be specifically assigned to them by the Executive Board. Such officers

shall serve until the next annual meeting of the membership, at which time they shall be elected by

majority vote of the members as set forth in Section 2 above.

Article IX

The Executive Board shall select On-Site Auditions Coordinators each year that will be responsible for

arranging and organizing the annual Auditions. The Auditions shall be, in general, for student encouragement

and enrichment.

Article X

The Vice President shall arrange for and coordinate the annual workshop each year or shall select a Chairperson

or persons to accomplish those tasks. The workshop shall be, in general, for teacher enrichment.

Article XI

The Officers/Executive Board of CNYFL/NATS shall be entitled to indemnification by CNYFL/NATS to the

fullest extent permitted by law from and against all liability, costs, claims, damages, and expenses, including

reasonable attorney’s fees, necessarily incurred as a result of any actual or threatened action, suit, or proceeding

arising from or in connection with the good-faith performance of the duties on behalf, or at the direction of

CNYFL/NATS. The Executive Board of CNYFL/NATS may authorize the purchase of directors and officers

liability insurance to carry out the provisions of the Article.

Article XII

The Executive Board shall authorize the Treasurer to open a bank account in the name of CNYFL/NATS. All

banking transactions shall require the signature of the treasurer or one other officer of CNYFL/NATS who has

been authorized by the Executive Board to engage in banking transactions on behalf of CNYFL/NATS. The

President and at least one other officer of CNYFL/NATS who has been authorized by the Executive Board to

sign contracts on behalf of CNYFL/NATS shall sign all contracts.

Article XIII

Any member unable to attend the annual meeting or a special meeting where a vote will be taken may vote by

proxy. Every proxy must be dated and signed (electronic signatures are acceptable) by the member and must be

received by the President or the Secretary prior to the scheduled meeting.

Article XIV

These bylaws may be amended by a vote of a majority of the members of CNYFL/NATS at the annual meeting

or at a special meeting called for that purpose. Written notice of any proposed amendment shall be submitted to

the members prior to the annual meeting.

Article XV

The immediate past-president shall be invited to remain on the Executive Board in an ex officio capacity as long

as the current President remains in the elected position.