Board Meeting 2020

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Board Meeting Central New York Finger Lakes Chapter



September 7, 2020


Present: Jennifer Kay, Robert Strauss, Wendy Williams, Alison Wahl, Kathryn Cowdrick

Minutes: Kathryn Cowdrick


  1. New board announcement

Dr.Jennifer Kay, President

Dr.Robert Strauss, Vice President

Dr.Holly Bewlay, Secretary

Wendy Williams, Treasurer

Alison Wahl, Auditions Coordinator


  1. The Balance in the chapter checking is: $5147.21


  1. 2020 Audition:


The auditions event traditionally held in October will now be online.


The online event will have the following 2020 deadlines

December 18             for submissions

January 15                for first round

January 22-29          for second round


Students should receive their feedback by February 1.


Teachers are asked to double check their student’s repertoire for their categories. Teachers will also be allowed to play for their student’s online submission.

There will be an Adult Classical and Musical Theatre division: this also will be the division for students taking a gap year between undergrad and graduate school.


2021 Audition:

The next in person audition event will hopefully be at SUNY OSWEGO in October of 2021.


  1. Due to the unknown issues with schools, travel and covid-19 it was planned that there would be zoom master classes /presentations given in place of one master class event. Members will be invited to participate any class.


Those individual presenters that are confirmed for this are

Kathleen Roland Silverstein (Introduction to Scandinavian Repertoire),

Daniel Ihasz (Voce Vista-Practical application of science to pedagogy),

Matthew Valverde ( Spanish Diction and Repertoire for the Beginning singer),

Robert Swensen ( Training the Male Voice) and

a potential class on music theatre with personnel TBA.


These classes will be scheduled beginning January 2021.

The presenters have been contacted by K Cowdrick to determine the best months for them.

They will be given on Sunday afternoons.


There is an additional afternoon that might be scheduled for teachers that need mentoring or support for their academic portfolios led by Patrice Pastore.



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By Law

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Business Meeting Minutes 10-22-2015

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Agenda/Minutes for CNYNATS

October 22, 2015, A184 Witmore Hall, Nazareth College, Rochester, NY



Present: Robert Strauss, Deborah Montgomery, Deborah Massell, Kathryn Cowdrick, Ivy Walz, Katie Hannigen, Mario Martinez, David, Julianne, Jennifer Kay, Jonathan, Amy Cochrone, Kim UpCraft, Mark Webster, John Holliday, Jan O, Holly Bewlay


  1. Call to order and Welcome
  2. Introduction of new board members

Jennifer Kay Ithaca as president elect=vice-president: Deborah Massell will be assisting Jennifer for January Workshop

Ivy Walz from Ithaca as Treasurer


  1. Video and discussion of new voting

Watched the video for judging.

Procedures (when Rob arrives): update website by gathering any suggestions from students and members. Any further suggestions about websites, please let him know or let Holly know. Rob’s fifth year. Facebook info (send it to Rob or Holly)


Numbers and report from Rob: Rob, please send Holly a digital version of the report:

2011 Naz

2012 Crane

2013 Buffalo State

2014 Eastman

2015 Naz (209 applicants in total-largest, 33 for musical theatre, 33% asking for staff pianists: 67 students) more high school private teachers are involved


  1. Treasurer’s report


Pay pal concerns ($3800 as of Oct 23rd, 2015) students borrowing credit cards: add Credit card holder’s name section on Pay pal portion of the website (Holly will do this)

Change name from Finger Lakes to Central New York Finger Lakes for membership fees (Kathryn will do this)

Married people paying once (joint membership): Ivy will look into this.

Ask members to pay fees in order to let the students participate in chapter student competitions.

Clarification of chapter dues payments


  1. By Laws-Deborah Montgomery: D Montgomery will send Holly an updated version to put it on our website. (Holly will update this)
  2. Acknowledgment of Website work-Holly Bewlay
  3. Master Class with Dr. Robert C. White (1/23/2016)-print out for

Deborah Massell:

30min slots: any singers are welcome except children.

Site coordinator: Deborah Montgomery: first come first serve for choosing singers for the masterclass, but this tradition may change. Kathryn Cowdrick and Deborah Massell will discuss this matter and report back to the members.

Pianist: fee (the chapter needs to figure out how much to pay a pianist) Kathryn and Deborah MA will talk about this and inform Ivy.

Fee for Bob White. Deborah MA and Kathryn will talk and inform Ivy.


morning sessions will be good for graduate and above.

afternoon sessions will be good for undergraduate and high school.

Possible times:1:30-6pm (3.5hours masterclass) (6-7 students?)

Holly can set up an application on our website to apply to sing at the masterclass (Holly spoke with Deborah Massell about this).

  1. McIver scholarship fund-table it for now.
  2. Sites for future auditions

2016 Oswego-Todd Graber email : ask Todd to host us on Saturday Oct 22nd

2017 Syracuse? (Kathryn will check)/OCC is also a possibility (Kathryn will check)

2018 Crane? (Kathryn will check)

2019 Fredonia? (Kathryn will check)


Website should include hyperlinks to school websites of the members: (Holly will work on this)

List of schools:






SUNY-Fredonia, Crane, Buffalo State