Business Meeting Minutes 10-24-09

CNYFL Minutes       10/24/09


1.  Introductions


2.  Musical Theater category discussion

o      There has been discussion about having a musical theater category for a few years.  Mario proposed to discuss this and decide if we want to try this.

o      Perhaps we could limit the students to Juniors and Seniors for the first year.  This would require only 6 more judges and we could get a feel for how it goes.

o      The students would only be able to audition in one category.

o      SUNY Potsdam reported about this category when they had the Regional competition there.  Kathleen Miller will send some of the information about the guidelines.  They had two categories, Freshmen and Sophomores, and Juniors and Seniors, both mixed.

o      There could be issues of time, rooms, and judges.

o      We should check with Regional and see what their guidelines are and possibly mirror that.

o      Should we limit the number of students for this category for each teacher?

o      We could have an opt-out option for judges if they were uncomfortable judging in this category. If someone is not comfortable with style they would not have to judge.

o      We should have workshops to help train our members so we can make this more widespread through our chapter.

o      Having this category would not preclude someone from doing crossover in either classical or MT.

o      We should leave the repertoire choices up to the teachers, because this would be too difficult to narrow down.

o      If we have an open discussion via e-mail then maybe we will hear from more people who are reticent about this category.

o      We can vote tonight whether or not we have the category and charge the board with setting up the process, then ask the chapter for response.

o      THE MOTION PASSES!!!! We are going to try the MT category in Fall 2010!


3. Recruitment – Is there benefit to add a Membership Officer to our board to help recruit new

members and maintain lists of membership?

o      The recruiting part of this should be divided among several people.

o      In our Bylaws, it states the President is in charge or recruiting.  However, he can delegate this responsibility to anyone.

o      Mario is willing to personally contact the people is the Rochester area. Can we offer as an incentive a discounted or free chapter fee for the first year?

o      Could we do geographic area Open Houses to help recruit for the region?

o      There are things that we could piggy-back onto in each region, ie. Met Broadcasts, theaters, etc.

o      We could begin to use Facebook and Twitter for social networking.

o      We could begin having Student NATS groups as long term recruiting.

o      We should also reach out to Private teachers because they may not know that they are eligible to join both National and our Chapter level.


4. Bylaw changes

o      The Bylaws have not been updated for a while.  We are changing some of the wording to update them to reflect what we actually do now.

o      We read through the changes and voted to accept them.


5.  Spring Workshop

o      Our spring workshop is going to be March 27, 2010 at Ithaca College with Victoria Clark (sang on Broadway in The Light in the Piazza)

o      The morning will be a teacher workshop with an emphasis on MT vocal styles.  The afternoon will be a master class titled “Permission to Play” synthesizing acting and singing!


o      We decided that we should charge non-NATS members money for the workshop.  We are going to figure out the details of money.


6.  Website

o      Angela gave a quote for a web-site development.

o      The chapter decided that we only need a functional site for now without all of the “bells and whistles.”

o      The board will get a few more ideas and quotes do we can discuss it at the spring workshop.


7.  Treasury Report

o      Dick gave Jennifer’s report on our financial status and our costs for last year.