Business Meeting Minutes 10-21-11

NATS General Body Meeting – October 21, 2011

1. Angela led a discussion about the website.  Many good suggestions were made:

  1. We do not want our membership directory password protected.  If there is information that someone does not want shared, tell Angela and she will omit it from the website.
  2. We will e-mail the Financial Report instead of putting it up on our website.  Therefore no passwords will be required when using the website.
  3. I will ask the web designer about the following ideas:
    1. It was suggested that we add a link to school bios for members.
    2. Can we split the student audition form into two forms, and have one for the teacher to fill out which would include making the “Will you judge Musical Theater” field required.
    3. The other form would be for students to fill out.  Required fields would include pianist’s name and do you need a staff accompanist.  I will also ask if there is a way to tell the students how much they own when they try to pay on the website.
  4. It was asked if we could build our own secure website so we would not have to pay fees to Paypal.  I don’t think we can afford this because it would require a lot of programming.  However, I will ask.
  5. It was also mentioned that we could have a convenience fee as many websites do if people choose to pay dues and fees on the website, so our organization does not lose money on these transfers.
  6. We will still always take payment in the form of a check if anyone is uncomfortable or unable to pay online.  In order to pay online, one must use a credit card.
  7. Angela will give more explicit instructions on how to pay online for those who want to do this but do not know how.
  8. Angela will load the membership info into the website.


2.  Mario

  1. There has been some discussion about whether we should allow substitutes.  We need to vote on this issue as a membership.
  2. Jill presented a proposal about the possibility of allowing a chapter member to send a substitute to judge when a teacher cannot attend the student auditions themselves.
    1.  See additional attachment for proposal.
    2. We need to clarify the requirements of the 3rd year of a teacher’s absence from the auditions.
    3. The reason we have these rules is because we need to have enough judges for the competition.
    4. We will send the proposals out via e-mail and have an electronic vote about this.
    5. (I need to change the word “appeal” to questions in the proposal)
  3. We reviewed our mission statement and re-worded it.  The new wording will be placed on the website.
  4. Mario presented the updates to the Bylaws that the board did last summer.  These are also available on the website.  If you have any questions about these, please e-mail Mario.
    1. We need to add something about what a quorum is for voting for our chapter.



3. Rob

  1. Having the applications on-line helped Rob have all of the info by the deadline, instead of having them continue to trickle in for several days afterward.
  2. He also made several suggestions to Angela which you can read above under the website discussion.


4. Kathleen – presented this year’s budget and where we are this year monetarily.

  1. Someone asked whether it was ever officially approved for the organization to pay for dinner for the board after the summer executive meeting.  No one knew or could find record of this.  Therefore, we will ask the membership to approve the tradition at our next business meeting.


5. Dick presented our current membership list.  There are 50 paid members, and 49 people who have been members in the past.  Dick has contacted these people and invited them to update their memberships.


6. 2012 Auditions – Ithaca – Oct. 26, 27

2013 Auditions – Buffalo State College –

2014 Auditions – Eastman is willing to host them, but it would have to be on a Sunday

because of their community music school program


7. We had a brief discussion about why fewer people come to the auditions at Crane.  We discussed that probably the on-site coordinator at the host school could reserve a block of rooms at a hotel well in advance so that teachers and students can stay close to the auditions school.