Business Meeting Minutes 10-2019

Agenda Meeting October 25, 8:15 at Fredonia CNY FL NATS



Welcome and thanks to FREDONIA faculty and SNATS which helped to sponsor this weekend.

  1. Regional Event this year at Westminster Choir College March 20-22 in Princeton, NJ.

Mario Martinez is our new Regional Governor and a member of the faculty at Nazareth College

  1. 2020 event will be at SUNY Oswego ( Todd Graber) and we hope to line up a site for 2021

Would anyone volunteer – planning that this event is towards end of October

  1. Treasurer’s Report – Dr. Ivy Walz
  2. Report from Secretary Holly Bewlay on any website costs or update issues
  3. Auditions Report
  4. New divisions this year – singers 11-14 will be singing for feedback only but gives an opportunity to support our private studio teachers
  5. New Adult Musical Theatre Division
  6. New Initiatives – Due to challenges in distance between schools and winter weather challenges:
  7. Lunch time class for students while waiting for the second round- brief 20-30 minute lecture or class- how to audition, YAP programs, creating a professional resume, vocal health, diction and Spanish repertoire etc. ( Discussion)
  8. “Forum Day” during the January recess; topics can be managed in large or small group sessions. Small groups topics can include- challenges for those negotiating tenure and promotion, wellness for the performer teacher, managing student disabilities and challenges, repertoire for beginning singers, gender training challenges ( Discussion)
  9. IF you are an adjunct, assistant or beginning teacher in need of mentorship and someone to connect with outside your faculty, please send your name to me. If you are willing to be a mentor to a younger/beginning teacher please send your name to me. We will create a mentor list and a way to connect.( Discussion)
  10. Thank you for the support for the past years I have been President. Thank you. The new President in the spring will be Dr. Jennifer Kay from Ithaca College. We thank Deborah Montgomery Cove for her past board membership and Ivy Walz, Holly Bewlay and Rob Strauss. Please continue to support them and send them emails telling them the good things that may have come from your student’s participation here. We now search for a Vice President candidate who is interested in taking over the Presidency after the next two years. Please send nominations to me- and nominate yourself!
  11. Other items for future agenda?
  12. Report from Rob Strauss.