Audition Guidelines

Below you will find information about the NATS Student Auditions for the Central New York-Finger Lakes Chapter

2020/21 NATS Student Auditions will be 100% online.

December 18, 2020                    Application/submission deadline

(Use Audition Ware*)

January 15, 2021                         First Round

January 22-29, 2021                  Second round

Students should receive their feedback by February 1, 2021.

*All applications are now processed through, and you must sign in using your username and password to access the part of the site where the application is located.



In our chapter, we offer the following categories:

Classical – Youth, Lower High School Treble, Lower High School TBB, Upper High School Treble, Upper High School TBB, First Year College/Independent Studio Treble, First Year College/Independent Studio TBB, Second Year College/Independent Studio Treble, Second Year College/Independent Studio TBB, Third Year College/Independent Studio Treble, Third Year College/Independent Studio TBB, Fourth/Fifth Year College/Independent Studio Treble, Fourth/Fifth Year College/Independent Studio TBB, Lower Advanced College/Independent Studio, Upper Advanced College/Independent Studio, Adult

Musical Theatre – Youth, Lower High School Treble, Lower High School TBB, Upper High School Treble, Upper High School TBB, Lower College/Independent Studio Treble, Lower College/Independent Studio TBB, Upper College/Independent Studio Treble, Upper College/Independent Studio TBB, Adult

Note: If there is a category listed on the that you’d like to see the chapter add in subsequent years, please let a memory of the chapter’s executive board know.

The entry fee for the Youth, High School, Adult, and College/Independent Studio up through Fourth/Fifth year is $10

The entry fee for Advanced is $15


Any student studying with a member of NATS and our chapter, and who fits in the requirements of the category they wish to enter, may be entered. Every teacher entering students must either be available to judge both rounds, or else secure a substitute judge who is not sending their own students.  Sometimes teachers not sending students will reach out to the Auditions Coordinator, so if you are having trouble securing a substitute, please contact the Chapter’s Auditions Coordinator.  Teachers who are not comfortable judging musical theatre categories may opt out but must still be available to judge for the day.