Audition Guidelines & Application

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Saturday, October 26, 2019

State University of New York at Fredonia (SUNY at Fredonia):

280 Central Ave. Fredonia, NY 14063




Friday, October 25, 2019, 8 pm, SUNY at Fredonia



  1. Inspire and encourage students and teachers to continue their dedication to, and growth in, the art of singing.
  2. Create a collegial and supportive atmosphere that encourages excellent artistic singing.
  3. Provide constructive, written feedback from a panel of experienced and impartial adjudicators.
  4. Recognize and honor outstanding performances


  1. The auditions are for students in all stages of vocal study whose teacher is a member in good standing.
  2. Each student sings in a classification with other students of the same academic standing (Age and Length of Study reinstated by NATS National, 2015 ).
  3. The emphasis is on constructive criticism for each student; the auditions are non-competitive as well as competitive.
  4. Auditions are typically open giving students the opportunity to hear each other, but may be closed at the discretion of the adjudicators.
  5. Excellence will be recognized by monetary awards and presentation of the winners in a recital at the end of the day.


  1. Any student currently studying with a member of CNYFL-NATS is eligible.
  2. Due to time and scheduling limitations, each teacher will be allowed no more than four (4) students in each category.
  3. Students may enter a classical category OR the musical theater category – not both.
  4. One application form should be filled out for each student. All performers must enter their age at the time of their audition in the space provided on the application form.
  5. Application Fees: $10 for High School, College, and Adult. $15 for Advanced. Fees MUST be paid in advance. A student will not be scheduled to sing without payment accompanying the application. Performers should supply their own pianists. Teachers may not play for their students. If a pianist IS needed, a space is provided for the request on the application form. An extra fee of $30 is required for each accompanist requested. Use PayPal via Student Application Form.
  6. REMINDER: According to the bylaws, students will not be allowed to participate if the teacher’s chapter dues are not paid. No accompanist will serve more than 8 students for scheduling purposes (as of Spring 2001 meeting).
  7. Three copies of the repertoire list must be presented by the performers at the time of the audition to the judges. The performer’s name should NOT appear on the repertoire list. Only the contestant number, assigned at the time of the application, should appear. Blank forms will be provided at the audition site.


Categories available at CNYFL-NATS Student Auditions (Numbers are those of National NATS):

1A Lower High School Music Theater Women

2A Lower High School Music Theater Men

1B Upper High School Music Theater Women

2B Upper High School Music Theatre Men

3A Lower High School Women

4A Lower High School Men

3B Upper High School Women

4B Upper High School Men

5 Lower College Music Theater Women

6 Lower College Music Theater Men

7A First Year College/Independent Studio Women

8A First Year College/Independent Studio Men

7B Second Year College/Independent Studio Women

8B Second Year College/Independent Studio Men

9 Upper College Music Theater Women

10 Upper College Music Theater Men

11A Third Year College/Independent Studio Women

12A Third Year College/Independent Studio Men

11B Fourth/Fifth Year College/Independent Studio Women

12B Fourth/Fifth Year College/Independent Studio Men

13A/14A Lower Advanced College/Independent Studio Women & Men (combined)

13B/14B Upper Advanced College/Independent Studio Women & Men (combined)

Adult Women & Men (combined) 

Please follow this link to find the requirements for the categories listed above:

NOTES: All repertoire MUST be memorized.

The categories with “A” or “B” are found further down the page when you follow the link (below the heading “Subcategories for Chapter, District, and Region Auditions”), and for the Adult category, go to the bottom of the page (below the heading “Other Audition Categories Defined”).

For the musical theater categories, in addition to those requirements listed at the link, the CNYFL-NATS chapter would like to see a broad contrast in choice of eras, and the inclusion of elements of both belt and legit singing from each entrant.


Teachers who enter students in the auditions are expected to attend and be available to judge or assist in other activities for the full day. Any teacher who does not attend must send a replacement teacher who is not sending his/her own students.

Ordinarily, three judges will adjudicate in each category.  A teacher will NOT judge his/her own students.

The Preliminary Round is not intended to be extremely competitive. Each student should be judged against a standard for the division in which he/she is participating. However, judges are strongly urged to be honest and selective in judging this round. Not everyone should expect to advance to the semi-final round. Judges comments and suggestions should be constructive and helpful, but the grade should reflect a student’s standing respective to his/her peers.

Winners will be chosen from the Semi-Final Round.

Any student not meeting repertoire requirements or observing other policies enforced by the chapter will not be advanced to the next round and will not receive a score, but will still receive comments from the adjudicators.

SCHEDULE (approximate):

Preliminary Auditions: 9 AM to 1 PM. Each student will sing his/her own choice and as many other songs as time allows. All songs might be not performed.

High School singers are allotted 8 minutes; First Year/Second Year & Adult singers are allotted 10 minutes.

Third Year/Fourth/Fifth Year singers are allotted 12 minutes; Advanced singers are allotted 15 minutes.

Lunch Break: 1 PM-2PM.

Semi-Final Auditions: 2 PM to 4 PM. Only students who have received two grades of 90 or above, or an average of 90 or above, will sing in the Semi-Finals.

Winners’ Recital: Approximately 4 PM. Winners will be announced and those taking first place in any category will sing one selection of their choosing.


The National Association of Teachers of Singing endorses a strict policy regarding copyright laws. The use of photocopied music is prohibited at all NATS sponsored events, from the national to the chapter level.

Exceptions are:

Music that is out of print, still under copyright law, with permission from a publisher.

Sheet music or books for which the copyright has expired, but available in CD format. (e.g., CD Sheet Music). Performers must be prepared to present proof of ownership upon request.

Sheet music purchased legally from an online vendor. Such music should have either a separate page proving the performer has purchased such or a copyright notice at the bottom of the music that includes the performer’s name. Performers must be prepared to present proof of ownership upon request.

Music available from approved public domain websites. Performers should take particular care when accessing these sites as some do not guarantee that all works are indeed in the public domain. Current approved online public domain sites are:

Proceed to student online application >>

Proceed to teacher online application >>